Reliable, Robust, and Trustworthy AI

We are Trustworthy AI pioneers with extensive experience in Data Engineering, Data-Centric AI, and Explainable AI


We help to create the foundations for reliable and trustworthy AI systems. We focus on applications where data-driven automated decision-making promises great potential for optimization and cost savings, but blind trust in data and AI decisions is not an option due to regulatory requirements or business risks.

Join us!

We're always looking for people who share our passion for solving difficult problems, AI technology, and pragmatic engineering. We believe that achieving excellent results requires cross-functional collaboration, time to focus, and the freedom to perform your work in a way that suits you. Inlinity is a remote-first company but our team occasionally meets at various places within Germany.

We advertise positions here and on LinkedIn. Please note that some roles require fluency in German, these are advertised in German only.

There are currently no job postings.

You're excited about what we're working on but there's currently no advertised position that fits you? Let's talk! Please reach out at

Partners & Network

Together with the University of Ulm's Institute of Business Analytics we run the XAI Studio

We are supported and advised by StartupSÜD

We are members of the KI Bundesverband


We are supported by IFB Hamburg through a grant in the InnoFinTech program